L E A P p is comprised of industry experts engaged in geriatric research, management, operations and market analysis as well as architecture, planning, landscape design, and property development. Our aim is to help communities develop guidelines in that support and create Life Enrichment Centers within existing communities.  We offer:

Visioning & Opportunities Analysis; LEAPp professionals lead the community visioning process to develop consensus about what future the community wants and then help to determine what steps are necessary to achieve that future. Community vision statements are crafted through a collaborative process that involves a wide variety of community residents, leaders and other stakeholders.  Opportunities, including strengths and areas for improvement, are considered along with what community members value most about their community, and the shared image of what they want their community to become.  A thoughtful vision statement inspires community members to work together to achieve the vision and is the key element of the forward looking, strategic plan that gives community leaders the long-term-comprehensive perspective necessary to make reasoned global and incremental decisions on community issues as they arise.

Operational Feasibility; LEAPp professionals provide feasibility analysis services ranging from consulting assistance on specific projects to full oversight responsibility. We offer practical, relevant recommendations and strategies that can be implemented to exceed resident expectations while meeting financial targets. Our experienced management team offers the following capabilities:

  • Community education workshops

  • Detailed operational assessments, including staff assessments, regulatory compliance review, policy and procedure creation and implementation, risk management and quality assurance analysis and  physical plant reviews

  • Operational financial feasibility analysis for existing operations and proformas for new expansion or to understand the impact of change

We work closely with clients to build and implement an achievable business plan that balances an organization’s mission and vision for a high quality of life for residents with the financial and operational realities of new market conditions, expansion or redevelopment.

Strategic Planning & Design; Strategic planning is the process of developing a consensus for the future direction of the community and an action plan to achieve the goals of the community.

LEAPp professionals will help to define and implement the key elements of the strategic planning process:

  • An assessment of the internal and external influences on the community that will contribute to an informed selection from strategic alternatives.

  • The development of the community’s vision, mission and values.

LEAPp professionals are consensus builders, experienced in distilling the fundamental elements of the strategic planning process:  the vision, mission and values of the community.

  • Values are the shared set of beliefs that determine the culture. The values of a community provide the context for decisions.

  • Vision statements are future oriented and describe the desired or ideal state of the community. They answer the question – where do we want to be?

  • Mission statements describe the fundamental purpose of the community: why it exists and what it is trying to do to achieve its vision. Mission statements answer the question – what do we do?

LEAPp professionals are uniquely qualified to collaborate with the community and determine these critical “building blocks” that become the basis for a specific plan that prioritizes actions, allocates resources, implements timelines and describes financial realities, including the design of critical features and components of life enriching communities that support and enhance aging in place.  

Market Analysis; LEAPp professionals can assist with all aspects of marketing, especially with assistance to communities in need of census improvement. We offer stand-alone marketing consultation or a complete package of cost effective services that include:

  • Market research

  • Marketing assessments, including full demographic review and analysis, administration of questionnaires to potential residents, focus groups and interviews, location and site evaluation.

  • Development of an appropriate program definition and marketing plan that is relevant to the available market.

  • Program staffing and management

formed in 2010